How to stop using dating apps and get the real thing

Dating apps, while convenient, can often seem not to yield results. Be aware that there is a point in time when you have to stop using dating apps and go for the real thing. The results from dating apps depend on your intentions and if you go out and meet the person. 

Get Results

We’ve all heard horror stories about ghosting and people playing games on these apps, but it’s not all bad results that you can get from online dating. There are ways you can avoid these things, and epic fails to ensure that you get San Antonio escorts to filter out those who won’t work and ultimately find the relationship you want. 

Put Your Cellphone Aside

When you’re on a date with someone, be in the moment and put that cellphone aside. Don’t chat online and let them see that you’ve been typing away at a dating app. If you keep looking at your phone, it will only make them feel left out and like they are not important to you. 

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Be Clear About Your Intentions

What is your goal? Do you want to find a long-term partner or have fun? Are you looking for someone who shares similar interests and values? How important are things like attractiveness and physical fitness to you?

What deal breakers regarding personality traits or other qualities make a person attractive or unattractive? Once you know what suits your needs, start looking for that person on an online dating site that matches those preferences.

Make Plans And Do It

A big reason why people get into a rut and end up using dating apps again is because they don’t make any plans. That has to change. It would help if you made plans with people you meet on dating apps and then show up for the first date.

If things go well or not, at least you’ll know. If you don’t go out with someone, you will never know. If the date fails, you can move on to someone more compatible with you. 

Put Yourself Out There

Think about the best things that have happened in your life. How many of those resulted from putting yourself out there? That’s because taking risks of breaking your heart leads to immense rewards.

Don’t be afraid to get hurt again and rejected. That happens to everyone, and you should enjoy life while you can. Meeting someone can feel daunting at first, but once it becomes comfortable, it is much better than using a dating app and not getting the desired results. 

In Conclusion

Dating apps are great for finding new people to meet in real life. These apps are so accessible that it’s easy to use them all day long, wasting time with people who aren’t worth your time or energy. 

It’s important to remember what you value in a relationship before you start swiping right on every person in sight. You may want someone who just wants sex or to find someone who respects and loves you. Getting the desired results will make you stop using dating apps when you find a match or continue using them to find sex dates.